Welcome to the Sizztech blog.

Having developed the Forecaz Modeller and helped our customers use this tool to develop urban growth models, we have discovered there are very few Internet sites out there that aggregate and consolidate information on this topic.

The aim of this blog is to provide a forum where information on generating and maintaining urban growth models can be found. A very “dry” and technical subject we know. For the few of us who have this passion of developing complex models, we hope this blog and the experiences we share here will make your job just that bit easier and over time you might share or comment as well.

We will be periodically writing articles on developing and maintaining urban growth models.  We will try to make these articles generic, for those of you do not use Forecaz Modeller. Hopefully in the future you will check out our urban growth modelling tool. Sizztech is happy to give a demonstration of the modelling tool at your premises or remotely.

We will also source articles relevant to urban growth modelling and include those articles on our blog. Sometimes we will be including articles just because we find the interesting and we hope you will as well.

Bradley Rasmussen